Sustainability aspects

Basic rule is that the bank does not finance more than 100% of the market value. However there are some exceptions to the rule…..   See below;

Energy saving measures 

Some banks finance up to 106% of the market value if you invest in dedicated energy saving investments. The amount referring to the energy saving investments will be separated in a deposit and the deposit will payout if the invoices are according to the scheduled investments. If a non NHG mortgage loan is concerned, please be aware that finance over 100% market value can result in another – higher interest rate – so let us check the best options possible for you.  

If your yearly gross income exceeds 33.000 EUR you can borrow extra;

Investing in energy savings  measures 9.000 EUR 

A “nul op de meter woning” (energy neutral house) without energie prestatie garantie max 15.000 EUR 

A “nul op de meter woning” (energy neutral house) with energie prestatie garantie max 25.000 EUR  

Energie bespaar budget (energy savings budget) – with this variant you do not have to deliver a specification in advance (of your sustainability investments). 

Discounts on interest rates 

Depending on the energy class of your house the bank can grant you a discount on their regular interes rates. Per 1-1-2021 an energy advisor will have to determine the energy class of your house, newly built, class A almost always will result in a discount although this differs from bank to bank. So let us sort out the best option possible for you. 

Sustainability Loan 

These are separate loans for sustainability purposes, with an interest rate substantially lower than regular. These loans are limited in maximum amount and vary in conditions from supplier to supplier. The additional sustainability loan can almost always only be provided by your main bank (1st mortgage loan). Let us check your best options for you.