2024 Changes

Transfer tax

Transfer tax exemption limit is set at 510.000 EUR (2024). You will pay no transfer tax (*) if you buy a home in The Netherlands, are < 35 years of age (date of transfer of ownership at the notary office leading, not day of signing the purchase contract !), the home will be your main residence and you are a first time applicant for the exemption (even if it is not your first main residence and you do meet all other requirements !).

In all other cases you will pay 10,4% (regular percentage) or 2% transfer tax (main residence) (*) Transfer tax is a governmental tax levied of the purchase price of a home if legal ownership transfers from A to B.

NHG (National Mortgage Loan Warranty)

Cost limit 2024 is 435.000 EUR. If you want to invest in energy saving measures (EBV) even up to maximum of 461.100 EUR. For more info about N.H.G. check this page.

Energy label

The energy label of the house you will purchase co determines the max to borrow amount. The better the energy label the higher the extra amount you can borrow on top of your regular max Loan to Income amount.

Energy label current homeAmount to be left out for determining max loan to income amount
E, F, G+ 0 EUR
C, D+ 5.000 EUR
A, B+ 10.000 EUR
A+ up to and including A+++ 20.000 EUR
A++++ 30.000 EUR
A++++ excl. ā€œenergieprestatiegarantieā€+ 40.000 EUR
A++++ incl. ā€œenergieprestatiegarantieā€ for minimum of 10 years+ 50.000 EUR

If you want to renovate / invest in energy saving measures you can borrow extra => depending on the energy label of your house

Energy LabelExtra Amount
E, F, G+ 20.000 EUR
C, D + 15.000 EUR
A, B, A+ tm A++++ 10.000 EUR
A ++++ and better + 0 EUR

Study Loan

Your study loan (registered at DUO) is considered a financial commitment. Per 1-1-2024 this financial commitment will be assessed in a different way than before. The monthly amount you pay (see DUO.NL) will be grossed up by this column (in order to determine the influence of your study loan on the maximum loan amount). Please let us know if you want us to calculate the consequences of you study loan on your maximum loan amount.


Singles can borrow 16.000 EUR more (Loan to Income) in 2024 than compared to 2023. Their income must be minimum 28.000 EUR.

All aspects mentioned above are for orientation purposes only and are subject to changes, no rights can be derived from them.