N.H.G. (National Mortgage Warranty)

National Mortgage Warranty guarantees you that your mortgage loan is affordable according to the standards ofย  N.I.B.U.D. (Dutch Institute for Budget Information). If you have any problems to pay your monthly mortgage loan costs as a result of disability, unemployment, divorce or death of your partner, Stichting Waarborgfonds Eigen Woningen (Home Ownerschip Warranty Fund)ย canย take over payments for a while โ€“ under certain conditions -.

If a residual debt arises with a N.H.G. covered mortgage the debt can sometimes be cancelled. The W.E.W. (Waarborgfonds Eigen Woningen) will assess โ€“ case based, individually โ€“ and decide about if and how a debt can be (partial) cancelled.

For the securities mentioned above you will pay a one off fee of 0,6% of the loan amount. The fee is subject to tax relief if you are taxed for your income in The Netherlands. Due to the fact that the loan is covered by N.H.G., banks and other lenders are willing to offer you a lower interest rate percentage for your loan than compared to a similar regular mortgage loan rate. So the one off fee often is earned back in a reasonable time slot.

Limitations of a loan under N.H.G. conditions are the maximum cost level of 405.000 EUR (2023) and 429.300 EUR (2023) including energy saving measures.

For existing N.H.G. loans; if you want to increase your N.H.G. mortgage loan or if you want to switch to another bank or other lender you can often do so with N.H.G. coverage. However there are some limitations. Call or mail us so we can help you with your questions !