Renovation / Energy Label aspects

Amounts for costs of renovation can also be financed depending on income & market value (after renovation) of your house.

Regular renovations 

Costs of Renovations of your home can be arranged via a personal loan or a mortgage loan. Depending on your plans, the amount necessary for your renovation and payback capacity you can check what options is the best in your specific case.

Energy label aspects per 1-1-2024

If you buy a home in 2024 the energy label will co determine what amount can be added to the “regular” max to borrow (on income) amount assessment, please see chart below

Energy label current home Amount to be added to regular loan to income amount
E, F, G+ 0 EUR
C, D+ 5.000 EUR
A, B+ 10.000 EUR
A+ up to and including A+++ 20.000 EUR
A++++ 30.000 EUR
A++++ excl. “energieprestatiegarantie”+ 40.000 EUR
A++++ incl. “energieprestatiegarantie” for minimum of 10 years+ 50.000 EUR

Renovation / Sustainability / Energy Saving Measures

Below you will find the extra amount that can be borrowed for sustainability / energy saving measures (depending on the energy label of your home)

Energy Label Amount
E, F, G + 20.000 EUR
C, D + 15.000 EUR
A, B, A+ tm A+++ + 10.000 EUR
A ++++ and better + 0 EUR

If you do have plans regarding buying and finance a home including renovation / energy saving measures / sustainability plans please contact us so that we can see what options meets your requirements best !