What can we do for you ?

If you are considering buying and financing your new home in The Netherlands, we can surely help you with independent financial advice and arrange the mortgage loan contract for you. If you are planning to renovate your home (f.e. energy saving measures) and want a loan, we can also help you.

Annuity, linear based mortgage loan constructions, interest fixed periods, N.H.G., Landlease commitments, resolute conditions in your purchase contract, are these concepts all well known to you ?

Do bonuses, (expat) allowances, and your 30% ruling income part qualify as income suitable for a mortgage loan ? Or not ? Or temporary ? How about residence permit aspects ? Lots of questions….

Let us guide you through the application process. Experienced and highly motivated to get the best deal for you, please see our testimonials and then let us arrange an informative video call – free of charge – for you, so that we guide you from begin to end. After you have attended the video call you will have a far better understanding of each step in the process of taking out a mortgage loan and what we can do for you. So fill out the answer form so that we contact you in order to further align !